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Software Service Offering for Financial Service companies

Recent turmoil and unprecedented difficulties that hit financial markets turned all financial players' attention to the pressing need for more oversight, protection and transparency in capital markets. Add this to an already highly competitive market and what you will find is a world where complete and real-time information is the bare minimum standard.

For more than 15 years, Stefanini Romania has been helping financial service companies perform better at acquiring, analyzing, managing, and reporting an increasingly complex flow of qualitative and quantitative data. We have provided architecture design, software application development, testing, rollout and integration to venture capital and private equity organizations, financial information services companies, insurers, as well as independent software vendors serving the industry.

Our domain expertise comes from the variety of software solutions we have implemented for Financial Services companies, among which:

  • Portfolio management and reporting
  • Compliance systems
  • Deal flow management
  • Credit default swap management
  • Valuation systems
  • Dividend forecasting
  • Investment performance management & reporting
  • Insurance profiling
  • Maintenance and re-engineering for legacy systems
  • Business management systems

Our end-to-end service offering for Financial Services companies includes:

  • IT consulting
  • Application design
  • Application development and maintenance
  • System integration
  • Application testing services
  • Infrastructure support services
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