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Software Service Offering for ISVs and IT Service providers

The growing trend of outsourcing technology operations creates wide opportunities for ISV and IT service providers worldwide. CIO/CTO's dedicate more resources to developing projects strategically aligned and with potential to add business value.

Successful ISVs and IT Service providers leverage on modern companies' strategic focus on IT management and strive to deliver top quality, cost effective, highly available IT services and software products.

Stefanini Romania enables ISVs and IT service providers to drive business by supporting, facilitating and catalyzing the achievement of strategic goals, while ensuring the proper balance between security and business agility. Our project estimations as accurate, communication and support are tailored for both local and Global projects and our 13+ years of experience in the industry make our services a valuable asset for our client-partners.

We are experienced in key business application software segments, such as:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Supply chain management
  • Portfolio management

Agile and CMMI software development expertise

Our software development services are offered both based on the CMMI processes and methodologies, as well as on the Agile development methods. Our business analysts will support your teams in choosing the best alternative for your project, allowing you to leverage on our extensive knowledge base, standardized project and organizational processes and methodologies. Our services are transparent, SLA driven, multilingual, fully available to client inquiries, predictable, employ advanced testing techniques and are offered on a Global scale. Our end-to-end service offering for ISVs and IT services companies includes:

  • IT consulting
  • application design
  • application development and maintenance
  • system integration
  • application testing services
  • infrastructure support services
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