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Having worked with numerous internet start-ups over the years, some of which quickly became successful businesses, Stefanini ADC Romania is able to bring your game-changing concepts to life. 

Our understanding of the fast-paced startup world helps us add value to your concept exactly where you need it most. Just like you, we channel all our energy towards your application going live, and starting to generate you revenues.

We don't sit around waiting for a big & clear picture where all the details are carefully spec'ed and all the questions already answered. When you have a vision of where you want to be, we ask the right questions and contribute our ideas to help your product come alive in its first version, and then progress and add more features as it starts building an audience.

We emphasise looks and usability for all our products; there are too many good ideas on the market turned into products which nobody uses, because people cannot figure out what they do (or how) within seconds of looking at them. Our creative designers and usability experts ensure that your product looks, feels and clicks just like you intended.

Your startup may be short on internal resources, and sometimes you may need help to define and apply development processes and methodologies. We can help your startup burn the stages from as-needed, ad-hoc development to an organized yet flexible, highly efficient feature-building system.   
Finally, as a partner, we must be able to stick with you through good and bad, be agile and flexible to cope with urgent resource increases or decreases, as business dictates, and bring talent onboard very quickly, as well as pull them out once the peak has passed. 


Our approach to collaborating with internet startups: 

  • Primary focus: go live, generate revenues
  • Team size dynamics: extremely flexible, both up and down
  • Ongoing communication with: CTOs and / or actual owners of the business
  • Communication style: informal, efficiency is key
  • Specifications: highly dynamic, priorities change constantly
  • Expectations of the nearshore team: regular activities of the development cycle, but also improvement ideas and alternative solutions
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