Business Models

Business Models in Software Development

Stefanini Romania chooses along with the client the business model that brings the highest added-value and confidence to the Client's business, having specialized and certified teams for each model provided.

Nearshore Development Center (NDC)

  • NDC are essentially a dedicated pool of specialized software engineering and programming resources that act as virtual extensions to your own software development teams
  • with its skilled resources, well-designed infrastructure , proven and time-tested processes, NDC is considered to be a highly efficient outsourcing delivery model with a compelling value proposition for businesses looking at Software Application Development Outsourcing .

Through the NDC business model, Stefanini ADC Romania aims to select, supply and retain the best developers within its delivery centers based upon predefined performance criteria, knowledge tests and experience.

  • This model offers tangible benefits
  • Easy access to a large pool of highly skilled IT specialists
  • Enhanced monitoring of software application development activities
  • Flexibility and quick resource allocation
  • Achieved desired levels of productivity as quickly as 3 – 6 months from commencement of operations
  • Retention of know-how transferred from customer to members of the Nearshore Delivery Center

Time & Materials

Stefanini Romania's Time and Materials model:

  • offers assigned project teams with the required team members, project managers, equipment and infrastructure based on project requirements
  • customers pay a monthly charge based on the total effort reported by the team for each month
  • offers the flexibility to balance team size and project workloads
  • is desirable when scope and specifications for the project are not defined explicitly

Fixed Price / Fixed Scope

Stefanini Romania's Fixed Price model:

  • offers customers a low-risk option, and is most effective when the scope and specifications of the software application development project are reasonably clear
  • guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects
  • indicates clearly what is to be delivered when, and what the costs will be
  • where specifications are not clearly defined, yet the customer pursues a Fixed Price approach, we can assist in drawing the detailed technical specifications, together with the client representatives

Why Stefanini Romania

Stefanini Romania uses for its Nearshore IT Outsourcing and Software Application Development services the business models that serve best its client's business strategy.

The following factors:

  • complex project methodology
  • flexibility in business models
  • highly specialized teams using the latest technologies

place Stefanini Romania among the top providers of Outsourcing and Software Application Development services in Europe.

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