Engagement model

Engagement model

Shortest path to productivity is our mantra for new customer engagements. We recognize that each customer has their own unique set of requirements and circumstances, therefore flexibility on the part of the provider is essential to achieve positive returns and to minimize the impact of nearshore cooperation on customer's activity. 

We can choose from and combine any of our Business Models, based on: 

  • Your current drivers
  • Your mid-term sourcing strategy
  • Budgets
  • Demand forecast for your product(s)

In all engagement models, we start by applying our proven know-how transfer process. In this process, we strive to achieve the level of know-how that will allow us to start being productive in the shortest time possible. Usually, these first steps consist of an onsite visit and a pilot sprint.

The on-site visit is intended for the nearshore team members to become acquainted to the customersbusiness, internal team, internal processes and application landscape. For efficiency reasons it is perfectly feasible to include only the most senior team member(s) who will, in turn pass on the know-how to the rest of the team back home (if it exists) or to new team members as they join the team over time. 

Beyond knowledge of the customer’s business, it is at this stage that future bridges for communicationsand collaborations are set between the nearshore team and the customer’s team, preventing potential futureproblems in these areas.  

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