Custom Application Development

Custom Software Application Development Outsourcing

Our Custom Application Development Outsourcing Services are designed to meet the most complex requirements in terms of application concepts, software architecture and specifications. Our goal is to deliver you a package of functionalities that will help your organization optimize performance, following the shortest path from concept to deployment.

Nearshore Custom Software Application Development Outsourcing from Eastern Europe

Custom Application Development Outsourcing

Verticals of specialization:

  • Market research
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecomm
  • Financial Services
  • Oil, Chemicals & Energy
  • Automotive

Our Assets:

  • High responsiveness to requirements
  • Powerful set of online Project Management tools
  • Proven track record of more than 400 Custom Applications
  • Exhaustive testing - both automated and manual
  • Applied Industry Standards throughout the Software Development LifeCycle
  • Reusable programming assets for shorter deployment cycles

Our Custom Software Applications address your unique needs to bridge the gaps in your existing software systems and to derive competitive edge from custom software applications centered on your business strategy, processes and goals. Custom Software Application Development Services bring great value when proper tools don't exist or existing tools are insufficient within your specific organization environment.

Global Reach: Leveraging on our global presence (Central and Eastern Europe, as well as EU zone and USA), people and processes (best multilingual engineers and project management methodologies available on the market), we are able to sustain large scale projects with high degrees of complexity, delivered under an optimum blend of onsite/ offsite and nearshore resources.

Industry experience: With broad experience across industries (telecom, manufacturing, finance, retail), Stefanini ADC Romania can apply its repeatable pattern for measurable success with Custom Software Application Development.

Mature Project Management Methodologies: The maturity of the development processes, reflected in the CMMI -DEV certification, combined with the extended experience in Agile methodologies, enables Stefanini ADC Romania to follow the optimal set of steps towards a successful implementation. Based on its flexibility, Stefanini ADC Romania offers blended solutions tailored for each Client’s business requirements.

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